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Traveling the world you quickly realize the intimate role coffee plays in the culture of a city and its people. While we may speak different languages, coffee bridges our differences and brings us together as friends—as members of an extended global family.

Collectively, we’ve traveled the world over two million miles, immersing ourselves in dozens of world cities and visiting hundreds of quaint cafés serving up the local roasts. More than a simple pick-me-up, the rituals of coffee in these far-flung places have become the symbols of the people and palates of place.

In the spirit of cultural connection and celebration, we’re bringing back some of the most delicious coffee roasting styles and café cultures, right to your doorstep. Come travel with us and experience our coffees freshly roasted the way the café cultures intended them to be.

Stockholm Coffee - There's always time for a Fika at Dü Coffee
Delicious Stockholm Roast - Let's Dü Coffee!


The Swedish fiká has become synonymous with a daily break from the hustle, spent with a friend over coffee and a cinnamon bun. Wandering around Gamla Stan, Östermalm or Södermalm, you can’t help but notice locals making time to slow down for a fiká with someone they really like or someone they want to know better, and always at 11 AM sharp. Swedes drink 4 cups of coffee a day, and to this nation, coffee is not just an energy boost, but a cultural lifestyle.

Coffee in Stockholm is roasted lightly, bringing out the fruit and vanilla notes you’ll find in some of the finest Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee beans. A piping-hot cup of lightly-roasted coffee pairs divinely with their twisty kanelbulle cinnamon bun or their chocolatey chokladboll rolled in coconut flakes. Maybe it’s this rich fiká ritual that makes Swedes some of the happiest people on the planet.


Let's Dü Coffee in Prague!
Delicious Prague Roast - Let's Dü Coffee!


Catch your first pressed coffee of the day in one of Prague’s vibrant kavárna, and you’ll understand how dramatically the coffee scene has changed since the Velvet revolution. The Czech people have embraced coffee as a new-found symbol of openness and friendship, with the scent of coffee roasters and bustling third-wave cafés popping up all over Vinohrady and Mala Strana.

Czechs are fond of medium roasted coffee beans from Latin American origins like Guatemala, roasted just to the point that cocoa and toasted caramel notes pop in the cup. Add a touch of warmed milk and it’s a rich, satisfying Bohemian elixir to start every day.


Milan Espresso Roast - Cappuccino anyone?
Milan Espresso Roast - Let's Dü Coffee!


For Italians, espresso is coffee. Pulled drop-by-drop at 9 atmospheres of pressure, espresso can't be hurried, yet it's one of the quickest ways to brew a rich, robust cup.

Step into any coffee bar in the old historic center of Milan and you're pulled in with the rich & inviting aroma of freshly pressed medium+ roasted coffee. Busy locals mob the place. grabbing a creamy cappuccino, sipping a piping hot caffè latte, or tossing back a concentrated espresso with a dash of sugar.

Good espresso is all about chemistry and consistency, which pairs perfectly with Italian coffeehouse culture. Family and lifelong friends meet daily at their favorite local coffee bar, sipping their coffee in between whispered gossip of the latest scandal, or chatting-up last night's local soccer match.

Illy, Lavazza and Segafredo may have blazed the espresso trail, but the classic tastes of the Milanesi are shifting toward fresher roasts done locally and made with top-quality specialty beans. Keeping the best of tradition, they're leveling up their roasts to create a distinctive Milano style.


Let's Dü Coffee in Istanbul!
Delicious Istanbul Roast - Let's Dü Coffee!


Drop into a café in the bustling Kapalıçarşi market in the heart of Istanbul and you’re in for sensory overload. Welcome to the birthplace of the dark-roasted coffees we love so much, brewed here with a copper cezve pot.

It’s fabled that the Ottomans of the 1500’s gathered in local cafés to discuss politics and fan the flames of rebellion over a concentrated cup of coffee. Wander the cobblestoned streets of Galata or Sultanahmet today and you’re more likely to discover cafés filled with Turks enjoying a slow coffee, discussing Turkey’s prospects for the World Cup, and sharing the local neighborhood gossip.

Istanbul coffee roasters today focus on fusing ancient traditions with modern roasting and brewing techniques. Brazilian and Sumatra coffee beans hold up well to the heat of a dark roast. A skilled roaster able to find the precise roasting time that unlocks the rich notes of dark chocolate and a touch of smokiness in a dark roast is nothing short of a magician.


We roast with our partners at CoRo in Berkeley, California

So how on earth does one faithfully replicate the wonderful coffees that we've found in Milan? Or Stockholm, or Prague?

By sourcing the same fair-trade beans as they do, artfully roasting only small batches to match what you’d find there when prepared at home...and recalling the flavors of journeys past and future.

And we’re proud that all packaging for our coffee is 100% compostable, so what we are bringing to the world is good for it too.

Join us. We’re thrilled to have you along!

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